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  • Valid for accommodation and pitches by booking on or by phone on 02 40 60 46 66
  • Offer can be combined with current offers
  • Reservations made until 09/18/2022

The "COVID guarantee" refund is valid if you are in the following situations (**):

Level 1: COVID Guarantee*:

  • General containment
  • Local containment (official proof to be provided)

This guarantee, free and automatic, is carried out by the campsite.

Level 2: "CAMP COVERED" insurance with COVID extension (at extra cost):

Examples of "Support":

  • I am in quarantine for COVID-19
  • I would like to cancel my trip because I have COVID-19
  • I would like to cancel my stay because I am sick with COVID-19
  • I would like to cancel my reservation because a member of the stay (participant of the stay indicated on the initial stay voucher) has COVID-19

The subscription to the Campez Couvert cancellation insurance with Covid extension is an insurance added by default in pre-ticked. The fee is 4% of the total cost of the stay.

You have the option to uncheck "cancellation insurance". This means that you renounce to take out this insurance.
Cancellation insurance will not be invoiced or collected and you cannot claim to benefit from it.

How do I get a refund?


Level 1: COVID Guarantee:

If you meet one of the "COVID level 1 guarantee" conditions and you have declared it within 24 hours after official knowledge of the event, you can cancel your stay until the day before your arrival (D-1) by sending an email to the following address with the subject "Cancellation for COVID guarantee".
Our teams will acknowledge receipt of your email within 24 hours and will process your file within a maximum of 2 months after receipt of the original official supporting documents (complete file).
If the event occurs on D-1, the declaration within 24 hours can no longer apply. Cancellation in writing must be sent no later than D-day before 7:00 a.m. The tolerance can only apply for events occurring the day before the arrival. An event occurring outside the dates of the stay is not concerned to activate this guarantee.


Level 2: "CAMP COVERED" insurance with COVID extension(with additional cost):

If you meet one of the "COVID guarantee level 2" conditions, notify the campsite immediately as well as the Campez Couvert insurance company.

  • For a modern and fast management of your insurance claims

Connect to the site:
You will be able to send your supporting documents and follow the progress of your file

  • For traditional management of your insurance claims

By email:

By mail: Gritchen Tolède et Associés Sinistre – Campez Couvert - 27 Rue Charles Durand – CS70139 - 18021 Bourges Cedex



What will I be reimbursed for?


Level 1: COVID Guarantee:

With the reimbursement offer "COVID level 1 guarantee", you will be reimbursed for all the deposits paid (excluding administration fees and possibly cancellation insurance).


Level 2: "CAMP COVERED" insurance with COVID extension (with additional cost):

The insurance conditions of the Campez Couvert company will apply.


*Please note that the "COVID level 1 guarantee" reimbursement offer does not replace cancellation insurance and only covers the situations listed above. For more guarantees, we also invite you to take out cancellation insurance.


** Offer valid for any firm reservation of 1 to 21 nights made between 01/01/2021 and 09/19/2021. The campsite reserves the right, at any time, within the limits authorized by applicable laws, to terminate these offers or to withdraw or modify the terms of the promotional offers without notice. In the case of a no-show, on the contractual day of arrival, even for covid reasons and without having informed the campsite on D-1, insofar as the campsite could not reschedule its accommodation or location or sufficient time to re-let it, the "COVID Guarantee" will no longer apply. However, only the rebooked nights could be refunded to you. Cancellation insurance must be taken out when ordering and cannot be taken out afterwards.


Customer reviews

Campsite's average

8.26 / 10

140 average

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